Goods cheaper in Malaysia compared to other Asean countries, says minister

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    Ray K
    Good excuse for them to increase the price. They, the sellers will say, Thank you minister!
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    Don`t compare with others if you are talking about stealing tax payers money
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    Cheaper but lousier quality, what is there to compare?
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    Does Datuk Seri Hamzah Zainudin actually calculate in terms of currency exchange rate or an apple for an apple price? How much of an apple sell in difference country does not reflect the true compare value without considering the salary earn to pay for an apple.
    If person (A) who earn Rm2,000 give your children Rm50.00 angpow and the other (B) earning Rm10,000 give you children Rm150 Angpow,then who give the most? Of course, the Rm150 in general.
    But, if calculate from salary own ,(A) give out 2.5% @ Rm2,000 from his salary while (B) give out 1.5% out of his Rm10,000. Then who give the most?.Or who pay the most?
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    Just Me
    a pack of lies from this fello.....he goes to market getting the stuff for free, no wonder he said so.
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    Stupid idiot!
    An apple or an orange cost about 60 Singapore cents.
    A plate of chicken rice in Singapore costed about SGD3.60 cents.
    And an average earner there earned about SGD2,600 and above.
    In Malaysia, an orange or an apple costed RM1.20 sen and a plate of chicken rice costed RM5.50 to RN6.50 sen.
    And an average earner here earned less that RM2000.
    Who are you to bluff?
    Even my son studying in Taiwan and working part time in a fast food restaurant earn an equivalent to RM14 per hour but here in Malaysia, it's less than RM5.00 per hour.
    You bargers must be thinking that Malaysian lives in caves.
    Wanna bluff, go find something else.
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    His brain naturally cannot compute all this. Typical Malay will say “Aku stress.”!or “Sakit kepala.” When given calculations like this.
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    Cabinet a cesspool of complete idiots.
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    Kindergarten maths...moron!