Goodwood 75th Members' Meeting: your best photos

Ed Wiseman
The 75th Members Meeting was the first major event at Goodwood for 2017 - Nicole Hains

The 75th Goodwood Members' Meeting is over for another year, having brought delight to a few thousand people on a blustery racing circuit in Sussex over the weekend. But despite the exclusive nature of the event and the deliberately low attendance numbers, social media means that the largely members-only event reached more people in 2017 than it ever has before.

Here are some Twitter highlights from the 75 Member's Meeting weekend.

John Surtees, CBE

This year's Members' Meeting represented an opportunity to remember John Surtees, CBE, who passed away earlier this week. Surtees - who drove his first and last races at Goodwood - was one of the most famous names to compete on this historic track, and remains one of the best-known personalities in motorsport. Touching reminders of his life were on display throughout this year's Members' Meeting, in addition to a truly moving "minute of noise".

Edwardian racers

Cars from the very dawn of motorsport form some of Goodwood's most memorable racing. These machines – many of which are a hundred years old – predate so much of what we perceive to be the modern world. Their drivers wrestle them around the circuit, often at speeds that would seem daunting in modern sports cars. One of the most recognisable cars from this era is the "Beast of Turin", a massive Fiat with a 28-litre engine.

Le Mans

The spirit of endurance racing is hard to capture without forcing spectators to stay awake for 30 hours. Happily, the Goodwood Members' Meeting organisers opted to give us a tiny dose of the full spectacle.

Baby, pull me closer

The Rover contingent was particularly strong, despite being a largely defunct brand. But there's something about these huge wedge-shaped cars that meant they were among the most popular cars posted under the #75MM hashtag.

I never heard SD1 sounding like this! #75mm maybe it's the cars queueing behind!

— Peter Ritchie (@Caterham_Racer) March 18, 2017

David vs Goliath

In one of the most endearing battles seen at the Members' Meeting weekend, the plucky little Mini gave the more mighty motors a run for their money.

Group A

The Group A cars were some of the most modern on the circuit, but remained popular on social media. And frankly who hasn't wanted a Sierra with an acre of spoiler at some point?