Google begins official testing for Maps Incognito Mode

Google is currently testing an Incognito Mode for Maps

Back in May at Google I/O 2019, the company promised that Chrome's Incognito Mode will expand to Maps for Android; on Wednesday, about four months after the original announcement, testing for the feature has finally begun.

As first reported by Android Police on Wednesday, Google has begun testing the Google Maps Incognito Mode feature first announced in May at this year's I/O 2019.

As with the Incognito Modes available on Chrome and YouTube, Incognito Mode for Maps would "prevent your search queries and real-time tracked location from being recorded onto your Google account."

Those who are part of the test group (which is restricted to Android and Android Auto users), have the option to manually turn on the feature. When active, a black bar that says "Incognito mode is on" will appear across the top of the screen, and the location marker will shift from blue to dark gray. A GIF shared by XDA Developers shows the feature in action:

Google has not yet disclosed any information about a release date for the feature; considering that it's finally rolled out in a closed beta, it will probably be available to the public sooner rather than later.