Google Duplex tech enables the Assistant to book movie tickets online

The Google Assistant can now make movie reservations thanks to Duplex technology

Thanks to Google's Duplex technology, as of this week the Google Assistant can now navigate the web to book movie tickets online.

Though users have been able to order movie tickets via the Google Assistant since last year, a new Duplex integration allows for the voice assistant to reserve seats, too.

Already with Google's Duplex technology, the Assistant could book restaurant reservations over the phone on the owner's behalf; however, reserving a movie online requires more technical knowhow than making a call.

Essentially, the Assistant can now navigate the web and guide users through the reservation process (on Chrome) which can be initiated by a user saying something like "Hey Google, showtimes for [movie title] in Phoenix this weekend." The Assistant will automatically input any information necessary to book the movie as long as it's already saved to the browser.

The Google Assistant can make movie reservations for over 70 theaters and ticketing services including AMC, Fandango, and