Google expert to speak at Echelon Malaysia 2017, shares key strategies to stay ahead in digital advertising

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Head of Regional Partnerships at Google, Dileep Kannan to talk about distribution and monetization strategies, read on to find out more

Programmatic marketing has taken off in recent years, due to the ability to target a message or creative to the most relevant customers at the best times. While the basics of programmatic marketing are simple and easy to execute, using high-level strategies to distribute and monetize them prove to be a challenge faced by the majority of marketers. 


Join Dileep Kannan, Head of Regional Partnerships at Google, as he shares with you the role programmatic advertising plays in 2017, to find relevant audiences and produce more efficiently targeted campaigns, only at Echelon Malaysia 2017. Learn from this tech veteran as he shares the distribution and monetization strategies that guide your campaigns, brings you insights you’ve never heard of, and get your business ahead in the digital space.


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Speaker Bio

Dileep currently works in Singapore with Google as the head of regional partnerships for programmatic advertising across India, SEA and Korea. Prior to this he was the Business Development Lead, Adwords for South East Asia and prior to that had spent 3 years with Google Australia, managing the Retail and Ecommerce vertical.


Before joining Google, he headed the Modern Trade (organised retail) business at Dabur, one of India’s leading FMCG companies. Dileep is a product expert across Google’s advertising platforms (Adwords, DoubleClick) and a strong collaborative partner to media buyers and technology partners around the region.


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