Google to launch wired Nest Doorbell with 24/7 recording

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Google to launch wired Nest Doorbell with 24/7 recording
Google to launch wired Nest Doorbell with 24/7 recording

01 Oct 2021: Google to launch wired Nest Doorbell with 24/7 recording

Google will launch a Nest Doorbell supporting 24/7 video recording in 2022, Google Nest GM Rishi Chandra announced. Moreover, it will be a wired Doorbell. To note, the recently-launched battery-run Doorbells can't record for longer due to thermal and charging issues. Chandra added efforts to merge Google Home and Nest apps are also on, and the upcoming Doorbell will work with the Home app.

Other announcements: Quick flipping between events, desktop option for Home app

Google is also looking to make accessing events on the Home app easier by adding the ability to quickly flip between the events, Chandra added. Currently, customers have to scroll through large gaps if any event is far apart from another. Also, a desktop option for the Home app is in the works. Google's competitors Arlo and Ring are already offering this desktop feature.

24/7 recording: Comparison with existing Nest Doorbells

The existing Nest Doorbell (wired) has features additional to that of the battery-run one, including a wider field of view, bigger zoom, and integration with Alexa and SmartThings. It is also smaller than the battery model. The current Doorbells record when the bell is pressed or motion is detected. These features are expected in the upcoming version along with the best new feature—round-the-clock recording.

Surveillance: New launch for customers who want uninterrupted recording

Chandra, in his post on Google Nest Community forum, wrote, "We know that those with wired doorbell connections prefer to have a doorbell that can also support 24/7 continuous video history (via the Nest Aware subscription)." However, battery-powered Doorbells also offer offline storage and battery backup in case of power cuts. It remains to be seen how the new wired Doorbells will achieve this.

Details: Added safety and security for customers

The Nest Doorbells provide an optimal doorbell and security experience. This smart doorbell can identify people, packages, and animals, and sends text alerts to the user accordingly. While the wired versions do take more effort to set up, customers do not have to worry about recharging batteries ever.

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