Google will let you test out new possibilities offered by augmented reality

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Google has put an augmented reality tool online allowing to measure very precisely any object.

Google presents WebXR, a series of web demonstrations that look ahead to future augmented reality applications. These four experiments allow you to respect a good social distance, to measure any object to the centimeter or to discover what is hidden under your feet at the other end of the world. Those with an Android smartphone can check them out, exclusively with Chrome.

With the brand new WebXR collection, Google combines virtual and augmented reality for truly spectacular results. Four playful and immersive experiences await curious internet users on the "Experiments with Google" platform.

The first one, Sodar, helps the user respect social distancing. This experiment allows you to see a radar with a radius of two meters on your screen, regardless of the environment in which you are moving. Then comes Measure Up, a fun tool that allows you to calculate the length, width, height, surface and volume of any object around you, both indoors and outdoors. Floom is even more original, as it consists of digging a virtual hole in the ground and discovering what is happening on the other side of the world, as if a huge tunnel were taking you there. Finally, Picturescape allows you to pick from your images stored in Google Photos and view them in augmented reality.

Experience WebXR on your smartphone (Android and Chrome only):

Check out a video of Google WebXR Experiments:

David Bénard