Google now offers potential university students more info about colleges via Search

Google has launched new tools in Search that help students find information about colleges and universities

As summer nears an end and students prepare to go back to school, Google is enhancing their College Search feature to offer potential university students more information about 2- and 4-year institutions at a glance.

One year after Google launched the functionality that offers users quick facts about a university within their results, the company has enhanced the tool by including information about 2-year colleges in addition to 4-year universities. 

When the feature originally launched, it provided students with institutional statistcs like the average cost after aid, the graduation rate, and the admission rate. Now, users will see the same information for 2-year colleges as well.

Google also stated that popular certificates and associate's programs from various colleges will be displayed, too, and a new exploration tool has been added so that users can explore the offered fields of study per institution more comprehensively.

All information about the colleges and universities comes from U.S. Department of Education's College Scorecard and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. Students, parents, and educators have access to this new collection of information as of yesterday.