Google Pixel 6a includes a $50 gift card when you buy at Amazon

The promo could help you pay for a must-have accessory.

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Sam Rutherford/Engadget

Google's Pixel 6a is brand new, but you can already find some tempting deals. Amazon is running a promotion that includes a $50 gift card when you buy the Pixel 6a for $449. To claim it, you'll want to visit the product page for your preferred model, visit the "Special offers and product promotions" section, and click "Add both to Cart." The bonus lasts through August 7th, so you'll want to act quickly if you're hoping to use the gift card for a case, charger or similar accessory.

Buy Pixel 6a with $50 Amazon gift card - $449

The Pixel 6a is a rare treat among mid-range phones. You get a fast processor, better-than-average cameras, IP67 water resistance and long battery life in an attention-getting design. As a Pixel phone, it also delivers the full Google experience — there are AI tricks like anti-photobombing and real-time translation, not to mention timely Android software updates.

There are some quirks. The 60Hz screen is modest compared to the 120Hz display in Samsung's Galaxy A53 5G, and Pixel A-series veterans won't be thrilled at losing the headphone jack. And while we didn't find the fingerprint reader to be overly fussy, it's slower than what you find in some rival handsets. Still, this is the affordable Android phone to buy in the US — the gift card just sweetens the deal.

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