Google Tensor G5 could debut on Pixel 10 — and it could be the first real Google-made chip

 Google Pixel 8 Pro held in hand.
Google Pixel 8 Pro held in hand.

We’ve heard lots of rumors about the Google Pixel 10, and how the Tensor G5 will be the first Tensor chip built and designed by Google itself. According to a new report from Android Authority, it sounds like TSMC will be responsible for the manufacturing of the Tensor G5 — with no technology or input from Samsung.

The site uncovered trade reports from publicly-accessible trade databases, suggesting that TSMC will be building next year’s Tensor chipset. These databases are records of goods that have been imported and exported from various countries and have ended up in third party hands. Which is how Android Authority spotted a Tensor G5 sample.

These reports seem to indicate something called “LGA”, which Android Authority suspects is an abbreviated version of the G5’s “Laguna Beach” codename. Other points of note include “A0”, suggesting this is the very first version of this chip, and mentions of TSMC and its exclusive InFO POP packaging technology.

There are other details as well, all of which seems to add up to a chip that won’t be ready to release until next fall. The report also notes that the chip will have 16GB of package-on-package RAM. The Pixel 9 Pro is rumored to come with 16GB of RAM, and should that not happen for whatever reason then it looks like the Pixel 10 definitely will.

A new era for Tensor

Tensor’s reliance on Samsung hardware has always been considered the chips’ biggest weakness. When news broke that Google was developing its own chips, it had some of us imagining a Pixel taking cues from Apple’s iPhones. The idea that the phone, chip and Android operating system were all made by the same person, which could lead to better optimized versions of all three.

Samsung’s chips are typically considered to have worse efficiency and heat regulation compared to rivals from Qualcomm and Apple. Being confined to adapting that technology, rather than building its own chip from scratch, has limited the Tensor’s capabilities to some extent. Being free from what Samsung is offering could give Google the ability to create the Tensor chip we’ve been hoping for for years.

Google Pixel Event Tensor chip screenshot
Google Pixel Event Tensor chip screenshot

It may not happen right away, and Google is rarely able to knock it out of the park on the first attempt. But it should give the Pixel team the freedom and opportunity to develop the Tensor even further than it’s been able to already.

How that will manifest isn’t entirely clear right now, and we’re a good 16-17 months away from finding out. Presumably it will involve better AI, image processing and security features — though I’m hoping Google also makes some headway in improving efficiency and power draw. Especially from the 5G mode.

In the meantime you can keep up to date with all the latest news and rumors for this year’s Pixel releases in our Google Pixel 9, Google Pixel 9 Pro and Google Pixel Fold 2 hubs.

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