Google Trends Trump vs. Biden: Data shows race is a key issue for US voters

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Google search data shows that race, abortion and healthcare are some of the top issues for voters in the US election, which sees Donald Trump go up against Joe Biden. Logically, "Who is winning the election?" and "When will we know the election results?" were the most frequently asked questions in the hours following the vote.

Top 5 questions asked, past day, USA

1. Who is winning the election?
2. When will we know the election results?
3. How many electoral votes are there?
4. What time is the election results?
5. How many electoral votes does California have?

Most searched "How many electoral votes in...", past day, USA

1. Nevada
2. Texas
3. California
4. Pennsylvania
5. Wisconsin

Searches for Donald Trump and issues, past day

1. Race
2. Supreme Court
3. Abortion
4. Same-sex marriage
5. Economy
6. Immigration
7. Healthcare
8. Unemployment
9. Wages
10. Social security

Searchers for Joe Biden and issues, past day

1. Race
2. Abortion
3. Tax policy
4. Immigration
5. Healthcare
6. Economy
7. Same-sex marriage
8. Gun control
9. Wages
10. Supreme Court

The data reflects searches carried out Tuesday, November 3 and Wednesday, November 4, 2020 in the US on Google Search, YouTube and Google News.