Google's AI-powered Duplex technology expands to the UK, Australia, and Canada

Google Duplex starts placing calls in three new countries

This week Google expanded its Duplex phone-calling technology to three new countries: the UK, Australia, and Canada.

While Google Duplex, the company's AI-powered and Google Assistant-backed technology that can book reservations and make appointments over the phone, has only been available in the United States and New Zealand since last year, Venture Beat this week spotted a support page indicating that the tool is rolling out to the UK, Australia and Canada.

Back in March, company CEO Sundar Pichai stated in a blog post that Google would be using Duplex "where possible to contact businesses to confirm their updated business hours, so [the company] can reflect them accurately when people are looking on Search and Maps." While previously the list of phone numbers that Google Duplex would be connected to just included US and New Zealand numbers, it now includes these three additional English-speaking countries.

Though Duplex first stirred up some concern when it was originally revealed in 2018 due to just how human-like it sounded, when the technology actually began making public phone calls in 2019, all conversations began with the technology introducing itself as such.

Today, Duplex is available to help users make phone calls depending on their device. While the feature was first only available on Pixel phones, it has since rolled out to iOS and Android handsets.