Google's Nest Hub and Hub Max can now ‘sense' your presence and respond accordingly

Google's Nest Hub Max can now automatically react to users when they're up to five feet away

On Wednesday, Android Police was the first to report that Google's Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max can now use ultrasound technology to sense when users are near and tailor what's displayed on their screens accordingly.

As of Wednesday, if you are within five feet of your Google Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, the devices can sense your presence and tailor what's on the screen based on your distance. 

This is made possible with integrated ultrasound technology. When you're close to the devices, they will automatically display the weather and touch controls. As you get farther from the Hubs, the font will accordingly increase and graphics like media information, timers, and maps will get bigger.

Google told Android Police that the camera is not used for these features either on the Nest Hub nor Nest Hub Max; therefore, the information will not be customized for each individual. No private information will be displayed.

This feature began rolling out on Wednesday.