Google's non-profit arm launches AI accelerator to fund the next big thing

 A representative abstraction of artificial intelligence.
A representative abstraction of artificial intelligence., Google's charitable arm, has unveiled a new initiative to support nonprofit organizations in harnessing the power of generative AI technology for impactful projects.

The Accelerator: Generative AI program is designed to help nonprofits develop new solutions to address pressing social challenges with the help of generative AI.

The report cites research, which revealed that four in five nonprofits believe generative AI could be relevant to their work, but only around half are using it. AI accelerator says the main challenges to AI adoption are a lack of tools, awareness, training, and funding. The six-month accelerator program is designed to support nonprofits in developing high-impact generative AI applications to address these challenges.

The selected projects will cover a wide range of social impact initiatives, including access to public benefits, educational support for underserved communities, misinformation and language translation for refugees.

The program's participants will benefit from technical training, workshops, mentorship, and support from dedicated AI coaches. has also revealed more than $20 million in funding to support the projects undertaken by nonprofit participants.

Annie Lewin, Director of Global Advocacy at, emphasized the potential of generative AI to empower social impact projects, stating: “Generative AI can help social impact teams be more productive, creative and effective in serving their communities. In fact, funding recipients report that AI helps them achieve their goals in one third of the time at nearly half the cost.”

When the technology first gained attention around 18 months ago, concerns were raised about its potentially uncontrollable power and its impact on the human workforce. However,’s accelerator program demonstrates how the world’s organizations can use AI for social good.

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