Goop Dips Into Color Cosmetics

Goop is getting a little more colorful.

While the brand may not seem synonymous with color, Goop is diving into cosmetics with its skin care-infused Colorblur Glow Balm, $34. In true Goop fashion, the brand approached the makeup category through a skin care and wellness-oriented lens. The product, which comes in five sheer but buildable shades, employs sea buckthorn oil, vitamin E and safflower oil to boost moisture and protect the skin.

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“The idea was how to get that Goop glow and still be delivering skin care,” said Goop beauty director Jean Godfrey-June, noting this launch poses an opportunity for additional cosmetic products in the future. “The formula started from skin care and then adding these great sheer pigments to it that are a little thing you can do on your cheek or lips and give yourself that feeling like you just went for a run or just did a cold plunge, to be Goop-y about it.”

This choice is also reflective of Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow’s overall approach to beauty.

“I don’t really wear makeup unless I’m dressing up for something, but this is something in between,” she said in a statement.

Godfrey-June noted the consumer’s appetite for clean color is there, as they read the site’s editorial content centered around makeup and purchase third-party cosmetic brands from the retail side. While the Goop fanatic is interested in color cosmetics, this launch could also be a way for the brand to acquire new customers.

“Color and especially really fun color where it’s not about fixing a flaw…that’s always attractive to people and hopefully it brings in people who maybe even haven’t heard of us before,” Godfrey-June told WWD.

Prior to this launch the brand released its Clean Nourishing Lip Balm, $20, first in a clear shade, after which it added four ultra-sheer tinted options. The success of that product gave the brand an idea of how consumers might react to a true cosmetic launch.

“It surprised us how popular it was and when it first came out it wasn’t tinted,” Godfrey-June said. “Then there was this idea, ‘Oh let’s tint it and see if people are interested.’ They were super interested…The color balms [Colorblur Glow Balms] are sheer, but they’re more buildable so if somebody wants a dramatic look, they can create one. If somebody wants something super natural, they can do that.”

The brand declined to share projected sales figures for the latest launch.

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