GOP Governor Makes Surprise Prediction About Trump And Biden In 2024

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) isn’t ruling out the possibility that both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump won’t appear on the ballot in 2024. (You can check out his comments in the clip below.)

“It’s not going to be that way. Look, I think there’s a good shot that neither of them are actually on that ballot,” Sununu said on Sunday’s edition of “Meet the Press.”

“I think Trump can very much lose if they winnow it down to one-on-one. I think there’s a lot of issues that are going to come to bear with President Biden over the next year and a lot of opportunity for the Democrats to find another candidate.”

Sununu’s comments follow a recent poll that suggests 75% and 69% of U.S. adults wouldn’t like to see either Biden or Trump, respectively, run for president.

“Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd, earlier in the interview, asked the governor whether he supports the No Labels political organization putting up their own candidate on the ballot next year.

“Well, look, according to the polls you just showed about 70% of America is supportive of that idea to not see Trump and Biden on that ticket,” Sununu said.

“I heard someone put it once: 70% of America, if it’s a Trump-Biden ticket, will be politically homeless. And I think that’s a very good way to put it. They won’t have any inspiration. They won’t feel very confident about going forward...”

The governor, a Trump critic who turned down a possible GOP presidential campaign, later declared that No Labels has an opportunity in the election “like never before.”

“It would have to be the right candidate. It would have to be somebody very energizing, positive, transparent, someone with a good record,” he said.

Sununu, when asked whether another Biden term or another Trump term concerns him more, pointed to his concerns with having both on the ticket.

“I think you’re bringing up the exact right point: This is not what America wants,” Sununu told Todd.

“It doesn’t mean our primary system is broken. It means more of us have to be engaged in the system to make sure that our voice is heard as that 70% of Americans who always want to look forward. With Biden and Trump, all you’re doing is looking backwards and re-litigating a lot of drama. Nobody wants that.”