Gordon Liu sells house to pay bills

Gordon Liu sells house to pay bills

15 Apr – While his wife and family recently denied the allegations concerning their rocky relationship with Gordon Liu, it was revealed that the martial arts star may have to sell his own home to pay for his hospital bills.

Jayne Stars website reported that Gordon's new caretaker, actress Amy Fan, recently disclosed to the media that the actor may have to sell his house to pay for his medical bills, which cost around HKD100,000 per month.

The 57-year-old actor, who suffered a stroke in 2011, affecting his language abilities and becoming partially immobilised, initially stayed at a sanatorium and had the strength to walk. However, with the ongoing custody drama among his family, his former assistant and his new guardian, the actor's health has deteriorated and has to stay hospitalised in bed.

Amy also revealed that the actor has already made a will that was witnessed by both her and his lawyer, stating "Gordon chose me to be his consignor because Eva used to be my assistant and I was very familiar with Gordon's situation. Gordon has already arranged everything under the presence of his lawyer. I am just a witness and I will not get any benefits. I've been his fan since I was a child, and I think I am doing the right thing by helping him out."

The "Chess Warrior" actress also disclosed that the actor has already used up most of his savings and a partial of his social security disability benefits. Thus, if Eva is still refusing to return his remunerations, Gordon may be forced to sell his 800-square-feet flat on Caine Road that he bought for HKD1 million in 1992.

The residence reportedly priced at HKD8million on the market and is currently home to Gordon's two children – Kris and Sonia.