Gourmand World Cookbook Award Winners

Winners of the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards were named at a gala ceremony at the Folies Bergere in Paris March 6. Here are some of the major winners from the food category Tuesday night, with an asterisk beside them. A total of 162 countries participated. Finalists came from 71 different countries.

Chefs Outstanding Career
Michel Roux

Hall of Fame
Tout Bocuse (Flammarion)

* Peru - Rafael, El Chef, Rafael Osterling (Planeta Peru)
Sweden - Oaxen Adieu, Magnus Ek (Modernista)
UK - Loose Birds and Game, Andrew Pern - Foreword Michel Roux (Face)
USA - Eleven Madison Park Cookbook, Daniel Humm, Will Guidara (Little Brown)

Woman Chef
*Venezuela - Cocina Extra-ordinaria, Helena Ibarra (Villanueva)
Mexico - Lulachef Mexico, Lula Martin del Campo (Anyma)
Singapore - Indian Heritage Cocktail, Devagi Sanmugam (Marshall Cavendish)
Spain - Sentidos, Susi Diaz (Everest)

First cookbook
*Finland - Angry Birds Cookbook Egg Recipes (Rovio)
Germany - Die wunderbaren Rezepten meiner türkischen Familie, Semiha Stubert, Claudia Lieb (Gerstenberg)
Italy - Vasocottura, Christian Mometti (Clb Magnar Ben)
Venezuela - Sabores Conversos, Beatriz Sanchez de Mizrahi (Mizrahi)

APP's -New Category 2011
*USA - Cooking with Dorie, Dorie Greenspan, (CulinApp)
France - Larousse Cuisine (Agence FullSIX)
Spain - Wikitapas (Gastromedia)
UK - 20 Minutes Meals, Jamie Oliver (Zolmo)

Cookbook of the Year - 12 Finalists
*Chile - Patagonian Cuisine, Francisco Fantini (Gourmet Patagonia)
Canada - The Art of Living According to Joe Beef, Meredith Ericson (Ten Speed-Parfum d'Encre)
Colombia - Vida y Sabor Judio, Perla C.Gilinski (Gilinski)
Iceland - Stora Bokin um Villibrad, Ulfar Finn Björnsson (Salka)
Italy - Nuovi Cclassic, Diego Crosara (Reed Gourmet)
Malaysia - The Best of Chef Wan (Marshall Cavendish)
Mexico - Una Herencia de Sabores, Susanna Palazuelos (Random House Mondadory)
Monaco - J'aime Monaco (Alain Ducasse Editions)
Netherlands - Kookaravaan, Yassine Nassir, Marcel van Silfhout (Zilverstermedia)
New Zealand -Wanaka, McKay, Myer (Random House NZ)
Peru - La Ruta de la Papa , Sara Beatriz Guardia (Universidad San Martin de Porres)
USA - The Cooks Illustrated Cookbook, America's Test Kitchen (Cooks Illustrated)

*USA - Lucky Peach (McSweeney)
Austria - Germany - Falstaff
Croatia - ICE + PICE
Netherlands - Bouillon, Will Jansen (Bouillon Culinaire)

*Brazil - Saveurs du Bresil , Sergio Coimbra (Studio Coimbra- Olo Editions)
Germany - Bau Stil, Thomas Ruhl (Neue Umschau)
Kenya - Safari Cuisine, Andrés Bifani (Location Africa Films)
Spain - Cocinando Ao Pé Da Letra, Yolanda Castaño, Andrea Costas (Galaxia)

*Malaysia - Legacy Cookbook (Sarawak Eurasian Women Association)
Canada - Terroir et Saveurs du Québec, Odette Chaput (Ulysse-AAATGQ)
Finland - Gastronomy from an Ice Cold Paradise, Äland, Benn Haidari (Author House)
Lebanon - Kitchen Halaby, Chebary Seydoun-Georgina Sebti (Arab Scientific Publishers)

*USA - The Food of Spain - Claudia Roden (Ecco)
Austria - Königshuhn und Stotenmilch, Dr. Amélie Schenk (Mandelbaum)
Israel - Gulash Lagolesh, Ofer Vardi (Lunchbox Press)
Lebanon - Marlene's Best Recipes from East to West, Marlene Matar (NBN Television)

*France - Grand Prix de la Gastronomie Française: Louchebem
Journal in Carne (Confédération Française de la Boucherie-Édition Sepeta)
Singapore - Mozaic - French Cuisine, Balinese Flavours, Chris Salans (Didier Millet)
UK - Galvin, a cookbook de luxe, Chris and Jeff Galvin (Absolute Press)
USA - The Table comes First, Family, France and the Meaning of Food, Adam Gopnik (Knopf)

*France - L'Amer - Emmanuel Giraud (Argol)
Australia - The Art of Pasta, Lucio Galletto (Penguin)
UK - Bocca, Jacob Kennedy (Bloomsbury)
USA - How Italian Food Conquered the World, John F.Mariani (Palgrave MacMillan)

Mediterranean - Dun Gifford Award
*Spain - Corpus del Patrimoni Culinari Catala, Institut Catala de la Cuina,
France - Le Goût de l'Agneau, Michel Rubin (Encre d'Orient)
Italy - Cucina Mediterránea, Academia Barilla (White Star)
Fundacio Vivre el Mediterrani, Pepa Aymami (La Magrana)
USA - Ancient Grains for Modern Meals, Maria Speck (Ten Speed Press)

*Denmark - NY Nordisk Hverdagsmad, Claus Meyer, Arne Arstrup (FDB)
Finland - Min Nordiska Mat, Michael Björklund (Kenneth Mars)
Norway - Mellon Bakkar og Berg, Kristin Hove (Versal)
Sweden - Niklas husmansklassiker, Niklas Ekstedt (Norstedts)

Eastern Europe
*Australia - Rose Petal Jam, Beata Zatorska, Simon Target (Tabula)
Czech - Prostreno Bez Servitku, Zdenek Pohlreich (Euromedia)
Estonia - Eat First, What's Cooking in the Estonian Kitchen, Dimitri Demjanov, Translator K. Rikken (Kirjastus Menu)
Slovakia - Kucharska Elita Menu (Direct Press Hotelier)

*Thailand - Somtum (Le Cordon Bleu-Dusit Cooking School)
Argentina - De Tokio a América, Iwao Komiyana (Planeta)
Cambodia - Cooking the Cambodian Way, Narin Seng Jameson (JSRC-Phnom Penh)
USA - How to Cook Indian, Snajeev Kapoor (Stewart, Tabori, Chan)

*Canada - Entre Fourchette et Baguettes, Michel Jodoin (Editions Li Shi Zhen)
France - Un tour Gastronomique de la Chine, Georges London (GW London -Presse)
Germany - Der Duft meiner Heimat, Li Hong-Dytert (Gerstenberg)
Singapore - Modern Nonya, Sylvia Tan (Marshall Cavendish)

*Madagascar - Lartistika-Lalaina Ravelomana (Carambole et Azalée)
Botswana - Botswana Traditional Recipes, Wame Molefhe (Botswana Craft Marketing)
Cameroun - Saveurs Africaines à la Dinde, au Poulet et au Canard, Florence-Liz S. Eyengue (Universal Media and Video Press)
Rwanda - Indyo Yuzuye Iduha, Agnes Gyr-ukunda (Bakame-Kigali)

Five Finalists - Latin America
*Peru - El Gran Libro del Postre Peruano, Sandra Plevisani (Universidad San Martín de Porres)
Brazil - Street Gastronomy-Gastronomia de Rua 2011, Sergio Bloch, Ines Garçoni (Editora Arte Ensaio)
Colombia - Frutas, Cocina Inspirada en Sabores Tropicales, Mariana Velasquez (Ediciones Gamma)
Paraguay - Cocina Paraguaya, Sarita Garofalo (Garofalo)
USA - Latin Flavors -Photos: Ignacio Urquiza (Latin Women's Initiative Houston)

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