Government can generate more wealth for people: Najib

Manjit Kaur in Ipoh/The Star
Asia News Network

Ipoh, northern Malaysia(The Star/ANN) - Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said the Barisan Nasional Government, if given a fresh mandate, will be able to generate more wealth for distribution among the various communities.

He said Barisan, through its philosophy of moderation and power-sharing and representing the various communities, had ensured peace and harmony and intensive economic growth.

"The best is yet to come. We have delivered so much. With a strong mandate we can even do better in the future. I promise you that.

"I have asked myself what else do the Chinese want? They want security; they want harmony. What else do they want? They want a government that is fair and just," he said at a luncheon with representatives of Perak non-governmental organisations at the Tow Boh Keong temple hall here.

The event was organised by the Malaysia Recreational and Sports Club.

Najib said all these would be fulfilled if the Barisan was given a bigger mandate in the coming general election.

He said the key to the survival and success of a nation was when a common philosophy was shared based on the concept of moderation.

Najib asked the representatives to imagine a party comprising people whose philosophies and ideologies were towards the extreme.

"Do you think that they can form a viable government? Do you think they can arrive at a common policy?

"They are not likely to be able to form a stable and viable government, which is why Malaysians must reject any form of extremism and those who play the race card," he said.

He added that the concept of moderation was the only way to safeguard the future and those who believed in the concept should support Barisan.

He said this was the only viable form of government, because it had been proven and delivered in the last 55 years.

The National Transformation Agenda had delivered real changes and progress for the country over the last four years.

He said the country's economy grew at 5.6 per cent last year, there was almost full employment, the inflation rate was below 2 per cent and more wealth had been created.

"The stock market is just waiting for some good news and I believe the market analysts say that if Barisan gets a stronger mandate we are set to see a fresh economic boom.

"Business people do not like uncertainty. They like a government that is stable and has a long-term plan and vision for the country," he said.