Grace Fu asks Sylvia Lim to withdraw statement on GST hike, apologise to Parliament

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    Parliament is to discuss the country's issue. Party is to raise suspicious questions if in doubt for the good of the country. Why become personal attacks? Where are the laws..??
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    cheow boon
    Parliament should be a place for where elected members of Parliament discuss, debates and exchanges views pertaining to national issues that affected its citizens. Everybody need and should act according to with decorum and respect and not used strongly worded phrase against opposition leaders with all the vulgar words which is not acceptable by the ordinary citizens. Mutual respects should be the norms of a first world country and not because one party comprised of
    many MPs, members of parliament should conduct themselves in a proper and civilized manner. Bullying the Party that has less in numbers of people 'in a fight is no different like street corner gangs' involved in a confrontation.
    Every Bill presented to the House of Representatives have its good points and also flaws in some respect. The impending GST tax increase are very detrimental to the ordinary people but not the rich and wealthy. We are unemployed and jobless with no income but we also have to pay another 2 % GST tax increased imposed by the Government in the form of paying increased food prices at the Coffee shop's food stall. Example, a packet of economic white rice, one meat plus two verge normally cost S$2.50. Now it already costs s.$3.50. One cup of Coffee-O is $0.80cts, now already costs $1.20 cents at Kofu Coffee-Shops. Kopitiam was reasonable. they charged $1/- per cup and if you apply Kopitiam, cash card, there is a 10% discount. Some neighbourhood coffee-shops already charged a cup of Coffee-O $1.10 cents and some even goes as high as 1.30 cents. We understand, Ministers and MPs don't patronized Coffee-shops, only Restaurants and
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    Wow, I have been having all these doubts about the government intentions for a long time. Do I need to apologize too?

    Sometimes, I find it so crazy these demands by them. Shouldn't they address why there are such suspicions instead of making people apologize when they express these suspicions?

    Its not just to say you are doing good. It important that every aspect of everything you do, from speaking, doing and results must also be good. Otherwise acknowledge what went wrong and fix it. Shutting people up is not the answer.
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    Sometimes we need to understand the person demanding the apology. Recall that this is the very same person that catching the 2016 Olympics where Singapore won the first ever gold medal was a commercial decision and many singaporeans will catch a delayed telecast. With this in your mind, you can understand why she can demand such things.
    Grace Fu sings a different tune now that Mediacorp signs 'live' telecast deal of Rio Olympics
    Grace Fu sings a different tune now that Mediacorp signs 'live' telecast deal of Rio Olympics
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    Ivan Hafiz
    What about the Keppel Fiasco? We want answers. Why keeping quiet?
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    Native Singaporean
    How could Singapore be able to achieve her dream of gracious culture if our Parliament behave in such belligerent manner when come to debate with elected Opposition ???
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    Sorry I really lost the respect for the ruling party. Cheers to Sylvia Lim. They have the people interest in their heart.
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    Seems there is no one with a back bone to keep Cabinet in check. Singaporeans, please be reminded that the Joo Koon to Tuas West MRT route still remains closed since 15th NOVEMBER 2017!! That's coming to 4 months that so many commuters there are without a train system our tax dollars already paid for! But clearly, the priority is on an apology from Sylvia..... SG needs a gov with sound priorities that support citizens!
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    Sylvia Lim can just follow LHL std of apologies by :
    " I'm sorry if I'm not saying it right "
    For sure that DisgaceFOOL will say that she use the word " the if " which is not sincere enough.
    If that DisgaceFOOL address it that way, Its going to indicate that his boss LHL apologies which is not sincere too.
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    Mus all the ruling party MP gang up and support HSK on these ? are they going to 1 follow another 1 seeking ppl to "make official apologies" ?

    Aiyo ,,, raising personal comment and suspicion also need to apologies ... next time who wan to be Oppies party MP lei ... its getting more and more ... hiaz ... i m speechless.... :(