Grandfather appeals for donation to treat grandson attacked by crocodile

Hazsyah Abdul Rahman

SANDAKAN: A grandfather has sought for public help to support the medical care of his 13-year-old grandson, who was attacked by a crocodile yesterday.

Omar Abdul Halim, in his 60s, said they had to take Arsil Alkamal home as the family could not afford to pay for hospital stay.

“We have financial constraints and therefore cannot let him stay (at hospital) for treatment.

“His wound from the crocodile bite has been stitched. However, we need to take him to the hospital every day for wound care,” he said when met at his home at Kampung Melayu here today.

Arsil, who is an orphan, was attacked by the crocodile while swimming at Hulu Sungai Seguntor near the village.

Omar, jobless, said he had been looking after Arsil all this while and was shocked when he learnt about the crocodile attack.

“Whoever wishes to assist us can contact me at 014-8542497 or visit us at Kampung Melayu,” he said.

Arsil appeared to be still traumatised by the incident was unable to talk.

It was learnt that Arsil was stateless while his grandfather holds a red identity card (permanent residence).

Meanwhile, eight-year-old Haikal Dani said he saw Arsil and another teenager swimming when the attack occurred.

“The crocodile suddenly attacked (Arsil). I saw him screaming for help and kicking the crocodile at the same time before it finally let go of him (Arsil),” he said, adding several witnesses then rushed to his aid. Meanwhile the state Wildlife Department will be installing a crocodile trap as well as a warning signage to ban people from swimming at Hulu Sungai Seguntor following the incident. The Sandakan wildlife department chief officer Hussien Muin said they would also start tracking the reptile tonight. “We will install the trap around 11pm, and at the same time erect the signage. We advised village folks especially children not to swim at this area,” he said after inspecting the site of the incident. It was learnt that two of the crocodile’s teeth were found still stuck in the victim’s leg and they were removed by medical personnel before being handed over to the department.

Sandakan district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Azhar Hamin said victim received 15 stitches on his chest and four stitches on the back. “He has severe injury on his right thigh as well as injury on his right knee, but he is reported to be stable,” he said.

Arsil, who is an orphan, was attacked by the crocodile while swimming at Hulu Sungai Seguntor near the village. (Pic by HAZSHAH ABDUL RAHMAN.)

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