How great doctors give hope to their patients

Melanie Chalil
On top of curing an illness, patients look to doctors as a beacon of hope. — Picture courtesy of Taylor’s University

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 26 — Whether it’s an oncologist who detected first stage breast cancer and helped save your mum’s life or a geriatrician assisting your elderly grandparents, a great doctor is hard to find and even harder to forget.

Doctors play a vital role in helping us live our best lives and by extension, enhancing human health in society.

For many seeking medical attention and advice, patients look to doctors not only for treatment but as a beacon of hope.

The way in which a medical practitioner interacts with his or her patient can make a difference in a person’s emotional disposition and their journey to recovery.

Empathy, taking into consideration a patient’s fears, breaking down complex medical jargon for the everyday person and strong communication skills can go a long way in defining a doctor’s career.

After all, the prominent Canadian physician Sir William Osler once said: “The good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease”.

A boutique-style medical school with state-of-the-art facilities. — Picture courtesy of Taylor’s University

To say the least, you will always remember that nice doctor who made you feel like you were the most important person in the room.

The ingenious method of US physician Hunter Dr Doherty Adams who dressed up as a clown to cheer patients up was immortalised in the film Patch Adams with the late actor Robin Williams playing the titular role.

Currently practicing as a medical officer in the Emergency Department, ADK Hospital in the Maldives, Taylor's School of Medicine graduate Dr Minah Rashad Faiz was recently awarded the Asia inspiration Award for Humanitarianism during the South Asian Youth Summit.

He was recognised for his efforts in humanitarian service in the Maldives where he served as a board member of NGOs such as the Cancer Society of Maldives and Maldives Non-Communicable Disease Alliance.

He also works closely with cancer patients and communities to raise awareness, conduct screening programmes and is the health promotion coordinator of the Maldivian Medical Association.

It comes as no surprise then that the journey to becoming a great doctor with a heart for healing begins with the right school.

The MBBS programme is taught by in-house medical specialists. — Picture courtesy of Taylor’s University

The Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme at Taylor’s University is led by faculty members who are in-house medical specialists working in various specialisations.

This means students get to learn from subject matter experts with extensive experience under their belt.

The university’s clinical school located near Hospital Sungai Buloh is equipped with modern facilities and technology for aspiring doctors to practice their clinical skills.

The boutique-style medical school provides students with the highest level of medical care training.

With facilities that are on par with the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) and the Education Ministry’s standards, students are exposed to the latest equipment and amenities.

One such example is the school’s anatomy lab, one of the few university labs in the country that uses imported plastinated specimens for medical training.

During the course of the programme, students will have the opportunity to be mentored by international medical specialists abroad at a hospital of their choice.

Students also have the opportunity to take on an overseas clinical elective module to enhance their medical knowledge and skills. — Picture courtesy of Taylor’s University

This allows them to cultivate global-mindedness and adapt to different situations which will broaden their medical knowledge and skills.

Taylor’s Clinical School’s commitment to providing the best healthcare plus medical findings and solutions is reflected in its employment rate success.

All of Taylor’s University School of Medicine graduates are employed within a year of graduating, according to the Graduate Employability Rate in April 2018.

Always dreamt about being a doctor to change and save lives?

Drop by the Taylor’s Open Day on December 7 to 8 and December 14 to 15 Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus from 10am to 5pm.

Find out more here.

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