Greater regulation of Grab, Uber in the works: Ng Chee Meng

Nicholas Yong
Assistant News Editor
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    Hoseh lio lah, Uber & Grab tax hike coming...!
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    I am Taxi Driver, I noticed since Uber and Grab came into market, the No Show/Cancellation rate of Booking Job have shoot to 35%. During Low Demand Period (10am-12noon, 2pm-4pm, 8-9pm, 11pm-7am on most days except Friday and Saturday), Uber/Grab is cheaper than Taxi which will kill Taxi. During High Demand Period, Uber/Grab is more expensive than Taxi, so smart passenger will wait for Taxi, but since few thousands Taxi were killed, they could not find Taxi too. Ideal Model should be Uber/Grab be more expensive than Taxi at all time, anyone need Transport urgently can pay more to book them, it will truly supplement Taxi.
    Current Model are favoritism of Uber and Grab. Transportation services in Singapore required high professional standard, inexperience driver guided by GPS is life threatening Trip to passenger and other road users.
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    Ride hailing apps should be banned bcos drivers spent at least 50% of the time looking at the phone instead of the roads...should never have passed the safety marks...LTA must be either conned or sleeping....
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    education minister? also involve in transport issues??? kapor??? want to score points?
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    You should regulate them so that they don't merge into a monopoly. Nah.. nvm. It's never your priority any way. You just wanna regulate them to add higher cost to them so they will not make non efficient GLC company Comfort lose money.
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    When a minister holds two portfolios,he is unable to perform his duties 100%. No wonder,more problems and issues crop up every now and then. These millionaire ministers should concentrate on one and do it well for the people and country.
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    These pirates hire and LCR rental are taking the govt for a ride. They made money renting out vehicles and also made money from the PHV Drivers at the same time.
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    they just want to save their baby comfort delgro
    which operates in a primitive style while enslaving all its hirers
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    It was difficult to get taxi last time. With Grab and Uber, there’s more cars on the road. It provides competition to taxi and improve our transportation. Like our mrt system, taxi couldn’t keep up with the growing demands due to high population growth due to immigration. It is good that Uber and Grab to fill that gap and to provide employment as many graduates can’t find jobs due to competition in the job market due to high influx of foreigners. It is another surviving means and a life line for many ppl.
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    Nai Khanom Tom
    Go regulate your Temasek owned taxi company la! Stop intefereing with the market forces and make it harder for uber and grab drivers to make a living. Doing this is only meant to protect your Temasel owned taxi companies