Is Greeny Wu gay?

Rheus Wai Soh See
Is Greeny Wu gay?

22 Sep – Taiwanese indie folk rock band Sodagreen singer Greeny Wu Tsing Fong's sexual orientation is not so straightforward, according to Apple Daily as reported by May Daily.

A photo of him kissing a man appears to make the issue a bit clearer. In the photo, an unidentified man is holding hands with the Taiwan star and appears to be smooching him.

Greeny is said to be extremely upset with the photo.

Reportedly, he said it was taken when he was "punished" after losing a game he played with friends last week.

"This photo is so ugly! The other, funnier, photos should have been published," he said.

Greeny had previously been controversial for apparently being caught in some "sexting" scandal with a gay person but the singer denied being gay nor sending homosexually-charged messages to anyone in that episode.