Grenoble lift suspensions of six accused of rape

Grenoble rugby players arrive at the police station in Grenoble, southern France on March 22, 2017 to be heard as part of an investigation into a rape allegation

French Top 14 outfit Grenoble lifted a suspension on Wednesday against six players who were accused of rape, citing presumption of innocence amidst an ongoing investigation.

Grenoble suspended the players on March 17 -- without releasing their identities -- following the accusations, with the players later detained and questioned by police.

"So far, no charges have been filed against the players after they were held at the Grenoble police station. Grenoble Rugby Club has decided to lift the suspensions and reinstate the players," the club said in a statement.

However, Grenoble insisted they reserved the right to take further measures should new information surface in the investigation.

The six players were named as Australian Peter Kimlin, 31; 22-year-old Denis Coulson and 24-year-old centre Chris Farrell, both from Ireland; New Zealanders Rory Grice, 26, and Dylan Hayes, 23; and Frenchman Loick Jammes, 22.

The men were taken in for questioning a week ago after a young woman alleged that they raped her after she met them at a nightclub in Bordeaux following their defeat by Bordeaux-Begles on March 11.