Grilling raisins revives them into grapes... well, sort of

Photo: Pixabay

How about some raisin toast? This is exactly what Japanese Twitter user @emptyneco was thinking as she put some raisins on regular white bread and toasted it in the oven. But a few minutes later, these raisins were no longer dried and wrinkly – they had become grapes!

Who would have known a simple desire for homemade raisin toast would lead to such an extraordinary finding?

The reactions to this tweet were huge, with many people bemused by such an abnormal and unusual phenomenon. Japanese Twitter users are calling them “undying grapes”, seeing how they revived to a plumper and rounder self, unwilling to succumb to the heat.

Some commenters were concerned if the taste was also rolled back to that of grapes. Others wondered if the raisins experienced the same effect as popcorn, and expanded with whatever moisture they had inside when heated.

According to @emptyneco, the raisin toast was fragrant and delicious – but there has been no further “research” into this interesting situation.

A quick search on our ever-reliable guru Google suggests that raisins will never become grapes, though. They only grow bigger absorbing moisture, but they are still raisins. Guess we cannot reverse what is already done, huh. But, if you ever want to see this phenomenon, instead of soaking raisins in water overnight, you can now do it the easier and faster way: Grill them!

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