Groom-to-be and friend killed by gunman in Serdang

By Emmanuel Santa Maria Chin
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SERDANG, June 26 — A groom-to-be and his bosom pal were shot dead at close range while they were distributing his wedding invitations in Serdang on Wednesday night.

A. Shamnson and A. Rubban, both 25, died instantly after a gunman fired five shots at them on the street in front of horrified onlookers.

The gunman, wearing a black T-shirt and a full-faced helmet, fled the scene with an accomplice at 9.20pm.

Shamnson, a sales adviser with UMW Motors, was to have married his fiance of six months on July 3.

Rubban worked as a loss adjusting agent with Milan Evolusi Sdn Bhd, and both also worked as part-time bouncers.

Rubban’s family claimed he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, as he would normally avoid such violent situations.

They alleged that Shamnson was the actual target, over the relationship with his fiance.

Rubban’s uncle, S. Vijendran, said the family suspected that jealousy was the motive behind the attack.

“Rubban has mentioned before that Shamnson’s fiance received threats from her unhappy ex-boyfriend,” he said.

Serdang police chief ACP Razimi Ahmad said all angles were being investigated and that a manhunt was underway for the assailants.

“We will also talk to family members to get more clues as to why such a crime was committed,” he said.

The drama unfolded when the two friends were walking along Jalan Serdang Jaya and they were accosted by two men on a motorcycle.

Witnesses said there was a brief altercation which took place followed by a burst of gun fire.

The assailants then got on their vehicle and fled the scene.

Shamnson was shot three times in the abdomen while Rubban was shot once.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after and engaged a forensic team and K9 unit to assist with initial investigations.