Groundhog Day! Singaporean DJ, former FHM and Playboy cover girl, arrested twice in three days in Malaysia and Singapore

Ah, 2012 – simpler times. Sure, we thought the world might end in some kind of Mayan calendar-derived apocalypse, but those of us who had already survived Y2K weren’t sweating it. Obama was still in office, Aviici was still alive, and we were all living in ignorant bliss over the 1MDB financial scandal.

For Singaporean EDM DJ Tenashar, they were the halcyon days of FHM covers, Playboy Thailand appearances, and headlining nights.

How things have changed for all of us: The world is currently on fire (in the bad way), and Tenashar is living in a drug-charged version of Groundhog Day, where she keeps waking up, and getting arrested on narcotics charges.

Let’s take it from the beginning: In 2015, things first went pear-shaped for the popular Singaporean DJ, real name Debbie Valerie Tenashar Long, when she was arrested on drug charges and ordered to serve an 18-month sentence after pleading guilty for possession and consumption of narcotics.

She was found to have consumed cocaine while overseas, and brought in “magic truffles” from Amsterdam.

She ultimately served a 12-month stint in the clink, with authorities factoring in the time already spent in remand. No sooner had she gotten out of prison, than she was contacting the city-state’s Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), accusing one of their officers of ignoring evidence that might have kept her from going behind bars.

Her evidence? A screencap of a purported musician named MC Goos, who claimed that Ms. Long had had her drink spiked (with coke?) while in Amsterdam, something he had brought to the attention of authorities. If, of course, this is an actual person.

It is unclear when his post was written, or if it ever was. Typing in the artist URL will get you this:

A musician by the same name can be found, but his social media timeline hasn’t been updated since 2015.

Cut to July 5, when when an employee of the Berjaya Waterfront Hotel in Johor Baru found Tenashar asleep on a sofa in the lobby.

The hotel told the Straits Times that she was not a guest there that night, which makes sense as you’d probably be in a room if you were.

Staff said that she seemed to be intoxicated and/or under the influence, and when she awoke, demanded to be taken to a police station to make a report.

According to Ms. Long, on July 4, she was kidnapped, beaten, then relieved of her identification card, money and phone by a group of men sent over by, you guessed it, that pesky CNB officer she claims has it out for her. (Editor: OK, at this point we’re actually starting to feel sorry for her.)

In the altercation, she claims she sprained her foot and sustained bruising, though couldn’t really remember the details of the kidnapping — outside of the part where she was tossed into a ditch filled with rats and snakes.

Being taken to police headquarters, as it turned out, wasn’t the brightest idea, as she ended up both arrested and drug-tested. The drug test results, sadly, being one of the few positive things in her life these days.

After the former cover girl was released on bail, she returned to Singapore on July 7, where she was … immediately busted again, this time for a trespassing complaint, with yet another drug charge tossed in for good measure.

CNB officials say they are investigating. We’ve reached out to Tenashar for comment, as well as MC Goos, and will let you know if either respond.

In the meantime, she’s still posting, claiming all of this is simply grade A trolling of the press, and wants you to know that good girls “seldom make history.”


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