Guan Eng denies rebuke against Umno MP akin to being anti-Islamic law

By Opalyn Mok
Lim Guan Eng has repeatedly said he will be tabling a motion to condemn Datuk Shabudin Yahaya (pic) over his remarks on child marriages. — Bernama pic

GEORGE TOWN, April 18 — Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng rejected today a claim that his proposal to censure Umno’s Datuk Shabudin Yahaya means his state administration is condemning its Islamic Family Law.

The Air Putih assemblyman said the motion to be tabled in the state legislative assembly was directed only at the Tasek Gelugor MP who had suggested in Parliament that nine-year-old girls are “spiritually and physically” ready for marriage.

“The motion we are proposing is to condemn him for his remarks on this and on his suggestion that rape victims marry their rapists,” he told reporters at his office here.

Lim insisted that he had never condemn or criticise the state Islamic Family Law in any of his criticisms against Shabudin.

Yesterday, Shabudin accused Lim of trying to do away with the state Islamic Family Law (Penang ) Enactment 2004 through his motion against him.

He said Lim's stance against child marriages are clearly against Section 8 and 18 of the enactment that states that a Shariah judge can make a decision to allow marriage for males under 18 and females under 16.

“If he wants to table a motion against me, he must first state his stand on the state Islamic laws I mentioned,” Shabudin had reportedly said.

Lim had repeatedly said he will be tabling a motion to condemn Shabudin over his remarks on child marriages at the state legislative assembly next month.

When asked about his stand on the state Islamic Family law that allows under-age marriages, Lim said Shabudin is obviously using the Islamic Family law to protect himself.

He said Shabudin must be "desperate" to use the Islamic law to spin the whole issue.

“What Shabudin is suggesting is, if you are against BN government, you are against the whole of Malaysia. We are not against Islamic family laws. This is an act of a desperado,” he said.