How to Use the Guide Lines on Your Reverse Camera

A reverse camera is inarguably one of the most important vehicle technologies ever introduced. It’s so functional and necessary that when you start to use it, you wonder how you could have gone so long without it.

That said, not all backup cameras are built the same. Most notably, some have camera lines, and some do not. If your camera comes with guidelines, it can be of immense help to know how to interpret those lines when you are backing up. This can help you make the most of your reverse camera and avoid unnecessary bumps and scratches while in reverse gear.

Most reverse cameras with guidelines will have five color lines that represent different things:

  • Solid white lines are active guidelines that specify the direction in which you are driving your vehicle towards.

  • Blue lines outside the white lines indicate that your car is heading in the right direction.

  • A dotted black line is the center line guide that helps you line up your vehicle in front of a trailer or camper.

  • Green lines represent objects farthest from your vehicle.

  • Red lines represent objects nearest your vehicle.

As you back into a parking space, the green light can turn green to red as you approach a parking block. Watch for the change in color of the lines on screen. These will dictate if it’s still safe to back up or not. Make sure that the blue lines are parallel to the left and right sides of the parking space. Continue to back up until the blue line is inside the parking lines, or the green lines have turned red.

Granted, different reverse cameras can have different line colors and features, but they basically follow the functions described above.

For a visual representation of the items mentioned above, do check out the video below.

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