Gujarat Bike Rider Survives Miraculously After Tractor-Trolley Goes Over his Head

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A bone-chilling video has gone viral on social media that shows a man riding a bike having a narrow escape from death in Dahod, Vadodara. The video shows a man riding a bike with a woman and a child riding pillion. The man seemed to lose balance as his bike got stuck in a waterlogged pothole and all three fell on their right.

Just when the three riders fell, a tractor-trolley is passing by. It first hits the woman and she falls back due to the impact. The rear wheel of the trolley then goes over the man’s head. Although the heavy weight is supposed to crush a human skull, the man can be seen moving. People then rush to pick him and the motorcycle up. The child too survived the freak accident as seen in the video.

According to the Times of India, this is the second video of such an accident going viral from the Dahod area. An earlier video showed a man riding a motorcycle get trapped under a state transport bus while both the vehicles took a sharp turn. As the bus driver pulled the brakes, the man can be seen crawling out from under the bus after a few seconds. People passing by then help the man and move his bike to the side of the road.

Tuesday’s accident happened after the bike fell in a water-filled pothole, which has become an increasing problem for bike riders in the country. Recently, some policemen from Nuzvid sub-division in Andhra Pradesh ended up repairing road on the Vijayawada-Nuzvid highway when the civic authorities failed to do so. The cops also ended up repairing road for areas such as Vissannapeta, Mylavaram and Agiripalli. The roads all had potholes which caused major problems for vehicles and as bad roads increased the risk of accidents too.

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