Your habits and mindset play a big part in your business success

Lee Constantine

Passion is one most-used terms to motivate struggling entrepreneurs, but practical information to make their dreams a reality is often missing

“Sometimes you think you’re stable, but there’s this constant fear that is always there.” Ajit Nawalkha speaks to an interviewer, a camera capturing his words and the energetic movement of his arms accenting them. He is sitting in a conference room at Mindvalley, the worldwide business incubator and learning platform based in Kuala Lumpur. The camera captures him candidly and becomes focused while shifting angles between a medium shot of Ajit and the reflection of his profile on a glass wall opposite him.

He is talking about fear, and he is smiling.

“It’s almost like you live with fear, it’s not that you’re getting over it. If it’s not the fear of finances or growth, it’s the fear of the team. It’s the fear of recognition. It’s the fear of failure. It’s the fear of investor pressures. It’s the fear of, ‘am I even worth it?’ It’s the fear of, ‘I did it, but I think I got lucky.’ There is no place where you go, ‘I’m very confident, I know everything that I’m doing.’”

He gives a bouncy shrug. “You don’t.”

Ajit Nawalkha is one of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and business coaches who believes that business and life are no longer separate from one another. They are intertwined, integrated, and have become one in the same. “Your business is your lifestyle,” he says. “The paradigm shift is in work-life balance. This is the new reality, and the traditional mindset doesn’t know how to deal with it.”

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Ajit is referring to the notion that people often think they have to quit their day job and go start something on their own, to find their passion. “That’s the worst advice ever. That’s not practical. Your passion is great, but you still have to make money and survive and do certain smart things with real purpose behind them.”

In his book, Live Big: A Guide to Passion, Purpose and Practicality, Ajit reveals these enlightening, no bullshit principles in bold context. An inspirational and edgy guide on how to create a lifestyle filled with freedom and hustle that impact the world and your life in a big way.

Ajit imagines keeping a copy beside your computer, so when you’re down or feeling lost you just pick it up, read a chapter and you’re ready to go again.

As co-founder at Mindvalley and Host of Evercoach, Zentrepreneur, and other immensely popular resources followed by millions of business professionals and entrepreneurs, Ajit teaches principles and foundational thinking habits that allow one to move from a place of defeat and anxiety to joy and contribution to humanity.

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He used these same principles and thinking habits to help Mindvalley increase its valuation by 300 per cent, going from six figures to over two million, profits by 100 per cent, and revenues by 50 per cent, as well as similar and even better results for the other companies he works with.

“There was no one tactic that helped me make these businesses successful. It’s not a four-step system or five-step process. Most of the time, when a business evolved or transcended from one step to the next it was the actions I was taking on a daily basis, and the mindset I had when creating something viable for the future. It was practicality over passion.”

Certainly, the generations today believe and understand the idea of freedom. They don’t just tie themselves to wealth. They tie themselves to an understanding that having a big house is NOT the only criteria for success. And that it also has to do with time and place; that being able to create freedom means hustling and providing value to impact the world at a larger scale.

Ajit describes his take on this in an excerpt from a chapter in his book appropriately named, Badassery:

“Play will be your greatest motivator.

I dance. I crack really bad jokes. I take vacations in middle of stress situations. I tell my team sometimes I don’t want to work, and then go to Europe for a week.

It all works out. It always works out. After all, why did we start doing this anyway?


Ain’t that the real need?

Think play. Badassery will happen.”

This mindset is why the terms “entrepreneur,” “side hustle” and “passion” now have more weight and meaning. Passion is one most-used terms to motivate struggling entrepreneurs, but practical information to make their dreams a reality is often missing. This book is for them. It’s a navigation tool, a compass, that you can pick up and find direction to keep moving forward in today’s world— especially in the context of business and entrepreneurship.


You can now preorder Live Big: A Guide to Passion, Purpose and Practicality on Publishizer.

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