Hair color tips to help you transition your summer shade to fall

Before you go for a big hair color transformation, there are a few factors to consider. (Photo: Getty Images)

Whether you are going for a stunning silver or a subdued ombré for fall, switching up your hair color is never a bad thing. The only downside to trying out a dramatic dye is that it can potentially aggravate your strands if you aren’t careful. A subtle color update may be all you need to not only to achieve a fresh look, but also keep your hair in a healthy state.

Yahoo Lifestyle consulted with some of the top colorists to find out the most practical hair transformations for blonds, redheads, and brunettes. Ahead, everything you need to know before booking a salon appointment for a fall hair color makeover.

Emma Roberts has been having a lot of fun with her new blond hair lately. (Photo: Getty Images)

There are a few variations of blond, and it’s always among the summer’s hottest hues. Matrix artistic director George Papanikolas — who often works with A-list celebrities such as Madonna and Hailey Baldwin — explains, “If you went platinum blond, your hair is probably screaming for a break. Try adding a darker blond shadowed root. This gives your hair some depth and contrast, and can help you transition back to your natural color if that’s what you decide to do by winter.”

He adds, “Highlighted blonds can ask their colorist to space out the amount of highlights they add so that you have more depth and contrast at the crown. This is a nice way to transition into fall without going totally dark.” Celebrity colorist and salon owner Rita Hazan also notes, ”There should be a focus on keeping hair a more natural color around the face, and then free reign on the mid and end sections of the hair.”

Emma Stone knows how to have fun with her red hair. (Photo: Getty Images)

For true redheads, the options are limitless, but for an effortless shift, it’s best to try a cooler cooper tone, similar to what Emma Roberts has worn in recent years. “If you are a redhead, ask for a light golden-copper gloss,” says Papanikolas. “This helps combat the fading and gives hair a glossy luster.”

As we know, all reds are not made the same. To get exactly what you want, Clairol color ambassador Shirley Gordon suggests bringing a photo to your colorist. “This will help your stylist to determine whether you need a single process or double process, and you may need to make more than one visit to the salon to achieve your desired look,” she says. “Always do a patch test to make sure you’re clear of any allergies to color. A picture is really the best way to communicate the look you want to achieve.”

Selena Gomez has a beautiful brunette bob that’s inspiring. (Photo: Getty Images)

It may seem backwards to go lighter with your locks once summer ends, but if you want a soft refresh that’s shiny and vibrant, go for a highlighted look. “Brunettes can ask for mocha shades over their balayage highlights to give a rich, glossy finish,” says Papanikolas. Redken artist Sean Godard adds, “Darker hair types tend to get warmer from the summer sun, so these colors can require a gloss to neutralize the warmth. This time of year, a fresh balayage or foil highlight application can help get the hair ready for fall.”

If your hair color is a really deep brunette or dark brown, you could use a similar technique and slightly adjust your highlight to an expert-recommended sombré (soft ombré) that’s super flattering.

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