Hair How-To: Copy Lauren Conrad's Fluro Pink Ombre Ponytail!

We know that that the pastel hair trend has been done and done and done again, but there’s just something about it that keeps us coming back for more.  In fact, you can see from Grazia's very own Pinterest board that we have a bit of a thing for the trend.  We blame it on Grazia Beauty Coordinator Angelica Hermon who was sporting pink hair well before those celebrity types had even heard of the concept.

Now a day rarely goes by without us momentary musing about a pink-dipped tip, random purple streak or baby blue ombre.  Needless to say it’s something that we haven't yet taken the step to try. It’s far more fun watching everyone else’s experimentations, no? Then we don’t have to deal with the terrible split ends that arrive afterwards.  As a team made up of long-haired blondes, we have enough problems with dry hair as it is...

Hair How-To: Copy Lauren Conrad's Fluro Pink Ombre Ponytail!

The latest star to jump on the pink band wagon is Lauren Conrad.  Right up there with our favorite girl-next-door types (maybe second only to Whitney Port), Lauren has done the pastel hair thing before, choosing a pink, turquoise and lilac rainbow tips way back in July last year.  It was a little bit Barbie and we swooned over it for quite some time.

Then yesterday La Conrad revealed yet another hair update in the form of an almost fluro pink dip-die, tweeting a pic of herself along with the caption “My Little (pink) Pony,” before taking her new mane to the launch of her latest book “The Fame Game.” And don’t you think that her new look works quite well? Instead of dipping her whole head in dye a la Katy Perry, Loz sticks to her more ladylike blonde roots. As Lauren says on her blog, 'I figure that I might as well have fun experimenting while I’m still young. And it’s only temporary so it’s really not that big of a commitment... Fashion is about having fun and taking chances. Plus the pink tipped pony added the perfect pop of colour to my otherwise monochromatic look.'

Grazia Daily spoke to Jason Cocking, director of Lisa Shepherd London and hairstylist to the likes of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, to get his tips on how to get the look at home. Listen and learn, ladies...


  • Firstly, divide hair up into four sections. Place each section of hair into a ponytail, so that you are left with two on each side and two secured at the back of the head. Work out how high you want the dip-dye to go and place masking tape around each section of hair at the chosen level.
  • Ensure that all pieces of masking tape are secured at the same height in order to create the perfect overall look. Dampen the ends of the hair with water and apply colour, this will enable the hair to soak up the colour and give you a natural bleed.
  • Take off the marker and twist the bottom of the hair as this not only pushes the colour up, but also gives you that professional fade you are aiming to get.
  • Continue to apply the colour in stages until you have reached the strength and depth you are looking.
  • Finally, rinse the ends of the hair until water runs clear and blow dry to create the perfect dip-dyed look.

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