Hair News: Lourdes Leon Copies Alice Dellal with an Undercut!

So, Lourdes Leon, the most famous teenager in the world, daughter of Madonna and one half of clothing empire, Material Girl, has had half her hair shaved off in that most intriguing of hairstyles, the undercut. Yep, just like Alice Dellal, the Brit supermodel and face of Chanel Boy, sugar-voiced songstress Ellie Goulding and pop’s rising star of 2012 Emeli Sande, Madonna's daughter has been clipped on one side, leaving her remaining flowing locks in an edgy, masculine style. 

Wowsers. Lourdes now has a totes rebellious look to compete with her fellow Material Girls, like Kelly Osbourne (with grey hair the colour of a cloudy November afternoon, and one squillion multi-coloured tattoos) and the Material Girl models, who were selected from competition entrants and who each have a kookier personal style (mad shades of hair colour, bonkers accessories and tattoos). 

So what does Lourdes’s mother, otherwise known as The Queen Of Pop, think of the development? We don’t know, but we’d hazard a guess that Lourdes won’t be grounded for this particular makeover any time soon. The reasons to suppose this are –

1: because back in her own Material Girl days (the song, not the brand), Madge’s own style was extremely similar to that of Eighties bubblegum pop supremo Cyndi Lauper, who — you’ve guessed it — was an early pioneer of the shavey, ravey style.

2: the undercut, often chosen by posh birds as a way to look more edgy without doing themselves any lasting damage, is the modern equivalent of having your belly button pierced in the Nineties. It looks superficially daring, but in fact, if you get bored of it, you simply stop using clippers and it grows back on its own. (Belly button rings can be taken out and they heal up, of course.)

We have heard that Lourdes attends an extremely elite and academic private school in London, and Madonna has remarked in many an interview that she is quite a strict Mum, so maybe that is why Lourdes has taken herself off to the Barber’s to get clipped, rather than the tattoo parlour to get inked. But if she DOES, we’ll be the first to let you know!

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