Half-naked robber breaks through Kelantan bank's ceiling; found hiding behind ATM

Rohaida Omar
  • J
    Did the police donated his sarong to him? Hahahhaahh
  • T
    Takeshi Victor
    only moslim can create this kind of joke
  • S
    He must have gone there to collect donations.
  • S
    Sarcastic Bro
    Br1m masih dlm prose lot?
  • B
    Blah Blah Blee
    Another talent from Bangladesh, yucks.
  • L
    wait what?? robber dropped down from ceiling in front of the ATM right?? but was hiding behind the ATM.. dropped down from above to in front of ATM becomes hiding behind.. SMLJ?? article reporting is confusing.. =__= zzzzz
  • M
    This is literally caught with the pants down....really funny. Probably mentally disturbed.
  • S
    Saiful B
    Must be a time traveler...lol
  • S
    siapa sudah telan dia punya brim ?? ada beri tak ??
  • j
    Crime does not pay. He did not pray, 5 times a day. Now he has to pay.