Halimah denies Pas is extremist


PETALING JAYA: Pas candidate for the Seri Setia state seat Dr Halimah Ali has denied allegations that the party is extremist and only for the Malays.

She said the allegations were baseless, started by irresponsible parties, and that Pas was a party for all races.

“Pas gives close attention and fair treatment to all races including the Indians and Chinese in this constituency because it is enshrined in the Pas constitution,” she told reporters at the Seri Setia state seat by-election media centre here today.

She said her experience as Selat Klang state assemblyman for a decade was proof that she was the best candidate to serve all the races in Seri Setia.

"When I was Selat Klang state assemblyman, I will meet the people even when there are no issues, including those in Pulau Ketam where the residents are almost 99.9 per cent Chinese.

“So, there is no problem for me to serve all the races in this constituency fairly. Do not be afraid and worried that Pas is extremist, Pas is actually against extremism,” she said. — BERNAMA © New Straits Times Press (M) Bhd