Halloween Hunt: US Man Reveals How to Visit Ghost Station 'Hidden' in New York Subway

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With Halloween 2021 around the corner, a US man recently revealed away to see a “ghost station” in the New York subway system. Ariel Viera, who claims to be an urban explorer has talked about the process in a clip that he shared on his TikTok account on October 16. In the video, he has shared a small glimpse of the deserted City Hall station while heading to the subway. The man also shared the history of the station.

The City Hall Station in New York was opened in October 1904 and it was in use until 1945. The beautiful station was closed down in December 1945 because of its sharp curve at the platforms which was not feasible for newer and longer trains. The station is no longer accessible to commuters and passersby. The New York Transit Museum offers tours to this station.

In the TikTok video that went viral on the short-video sharing app, Viera said that City Hall Station is the last stop of the 6 train at the City Hall Brooklyn Bridge stop. He said that the station has been featured in classic movies, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Commenting upon the history of the station, Viera said the vaulted ceiling of the gorgeous station was designed by Rafael Guastavino.

He explained the station was closed due to the “screeching noise”. The authorities realized it was causing too many issues and hence its operation was shut down.

“So now we’re going to turn back and get a ride back to the station we started in. The Brooklyn Bridge / City Hall stop. So that’s how you see it. Stick onto the last train in the 6 train, stay beyond the last stop and you’ll see it and you’ll get back to where you started,” Newsweek quoted him as saying as he toldviewers how to see the City Hall Station which is famously dubbed as “ghost station.”

Even though the platform of the station is too curvy, however, the track of the station is still in use for the 6 train to reverse direction heading back to the previous station. Viera demonstrated this in his video.

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