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The Halo Bolt can jumpstart a car, inflate tires and juice up a phone — and it's on sale

Every once in a while, a product comes along that sounds too good to be true. The Halo Bolt Max Car Jumpstarter is that product. That's not hyperbole; it's really true. The Halo Bolt Max can jumpstart your car's battery, inflate your tires and charge your phone. It should be standard equipment in every car trunk, if only for the peace of mind it bestows when those you or those you love are out on the road. This genius gadget usually goes for $197, but QVC currently has it on sale for just $130 — that's 33% off. Even better, it comes in

The Halo Bolt Max comes in five fun finishes — Champagne, Black Paisley, Purple, Moss (shown here) and Silver Metallic.
$130 at QVC

Dead car battery? No problem. The Halo Bolt Max can bring your vehicle back to life. No need to connect to a second car; this device has the power to give you that jumpstart on its own. It even comes with jumper cables.

But it's not all about reviving your engine. The Halo Bolt Max, which comes with two USB charging ports, a built-in 70-watt AC port and a DC flex port can juice up your smartphone or tablet — or energize your essential electronics during an unexpected blackout. The easy-to-use air compressor module can fill your tires (not to mention bike tires, basketballs and pool floats) and comes with an interchangeable air nozzle kit and a 2-foot hose extender. (Curious how it works? See it in action.)

Put it all together and you've got an everyday lifesaver and a stalwart emergency device. Great for new drivers, parents and anyone making plans for a road trip.

The Halo Bolt Max is one of the most amazing gadgets we've ever come across. (Photo: QVC)
The Halo Bolt Max is one of the most amazing gadgets we've ever come across. (Photo: QVC)

Oh, and if you'd rather not pay that $130 all at once, go ahead and opt for five EasyPay installments of $26 instead. Plus, if you're a first-time QVC shopper, you can grab an extra $10 off your first $25 purchase with code SURPRISE.

Customers can't stop raving about the Halo Bolt Max. "Excellent product — the most intelligent purchase I've made this year. You would think putting air in one's car tires should be relatively easy. Not so for me! However, the Halo makes it effortless and stress-free. The day I got it I used it to put air in my car tires. My neighbor saw me and came over with his bike to put air in his bike tires," said a five-star reviewer. "I make sure my Halo has power at all times because one never knows when you'll need it. A dead battery and/or low tire pressure is not a concern for me anymore. Also, I got the lavender color and it's totally cute!"

"This product has saved the day on more than one occasion, from dead batteries, flat tires, power outages and need for a flash light," added another happy customer. "I own four of them and am purchasing two more as gifts."

It's senior-friendly, too: "I hadn't started one of my cars in a couple of weeks and the battery was completely dead. I followed the instructions and jumped it, no problem. I am a 68-year-old widow so was very thankful it worked."

While the Halo Bolt Max won’t take up a lot of space in the car, it will make a big difference — allowing you to exhale, relax and know that your people are safe on the road. Grab it before it sells out!

Having the Halo Bolt Max is like having roadside assistance riding along with you at all times. It should come standard with every vehicle!
$130 at QVC

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