Halpern Is Shutting Down

Michael Halpern, with Stephanie Phair of the British Fashion Council, at the 2021 Fashion Awards.<p>Photo: Gareth Cattermole/BFC/Getty Images for BFC</p>
Michael Halpern, with Stephanie Phair of the British Fashion Council, at the 2021 Fashion Awards.

Photo: Gareth Cattermole/BFC/Getty Images for BFC

Halpern's super-sequined, super-colorful designs have been a bright spot on the London Fashion Week lineup — an unignorable American voice across the pond — since it debuted as part of Central Saint Martins' MA graduate show in 2016; the brand held its its first solo runway a year later. However, in an interview with British Vogue, designer Michael Halpern revealed that he wouldn't be showing a new collection this season. Actually, his last show, for Spring 2023 last September, was the brand's last.

"I've been able to do so many crazy things in such a short space of time," he told Laura Hawkins. "For a designer like me, I don't think careers are totally linear anymore."

Halpern's final show, for Spring 2023.<p>Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight</p>
Halpern's final show, for Spring 2023.

Photo: Launchmetrics Spotlight

While Halpern didn't present a Fall 2023 collection in February, it did recently dress Adele for her Las Vegas residency. The decision to close down the eponymous label will allow the designer to work on other projects, Halpern explained, noting how the non-creative obligations of running a business would keep him away from actually doing what he set out to do.

"There was a drape on my personal mannequin in the Halpern studio that hadn't been touched for three weeks," he told Vogue. "Although I have loved growing my business and all the learnings that come with running a fashion brand, it has slowly taken me away from my first true love, which is being a designer. It is energizing to think about what will come next."

Since launch, Halpern has taken home two British Fashion Awards, and dressed countless celebrities in its Studio 54-inspired pieces. The Parsons and Central Saint Martins alum has also consulted with Versace on its atelier collections.

The designer didn't reveal any specifics about what projects he may have in the works (or wants to be working on), only teasing that, whatever it is, "It's going to be fabulous."

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