Han Sung-joo sued for assaulting scandal informer

Han Sung-joo sued for assaulting scandal informer

23 Dec – After her alleged sex video and abortion scandal were leaked on the internet, MC and news anchor Han Sung-joo is reportedly facing a lawsuit from former acquaintance (to be known as 'A') for locking him in a room and assaulting him for eight hours.

According to Allkpop website, on 20 December, 'A' filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Central District Court claiming that in March, Han Sung-joo, her brother, mother, and two other men had locked him in a room and assaulted him for eight hours.

On 22 December, his lawyer expressed, "After being assaulted for eight hours, 'A' was too afraid of what they would do to him to immediately report it to the police. He will be requesting an extra USD 500,000 to compensate for the pain and mental trauma he endured."

Han Sung-joo's lawyers responded to the claims on 22 December by stating, "We feel that it's rather fortunate that he filed a lawsuit because that means he will have to return to Korea to stand in court, which will give us an opportunity to charge him for his own wrongdoings. We have ample evidence to claim our innocence, and what he claims isn't the truth at all. He claims that he was locked and assaulted in a room, but it was actually he that voluntarily entered."

This is the latest development in the Han Sung-joo vs. 'A' case, where the said person released a sex tape of Han Sung Joo along with numerous accusations of assault and humiliation against her.

Han Sung-joo was Miss Korea 1995 and a news anchor who recently hit the internet buzz with her leaked documents (claimed to be her abortion report) and video of her sex scandals. The motive as claimed was to seek for judgement and revenge. The leaked photos include abortion documents (from the medical department), a passport with an entry to Hong Kong (the place where the abortion takes place) and an alleged sex tape.