'Hang on a second': Boris Johnson mocked after 'worst interview by a politician ever'

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson suffered the embarrassing meltdown on-air(Picture: REX)

Boris Johnson has been widely mocked after an excruciating interview that saw him failing to sufficiently answer basic questions about the Queen’s Speech.

The Foreign Secretary was being interviewed by Radio 4’s Eddie Mair and on several times failed to answer the question: ‘What’s the point of the Prime Minister?’

When asked about how Theresa May’s policies would help deal with racial discrimination within the justice system, he vaguely replied: ‘Well, there are measures, I believe, in the bill on the courts which I think is supposed to address some of those issues.

‘I think one thing in particular that we are looking at is measures to … hang on a second … there are all sorts of measures that we want to take to ensure that we do not discriminate against everybody.’

The frantic shuffling of papers was then heard in the background, before the floundering Foreign Secretary added: ‘I think that one thing in particular that we’re looking at is…um…measures to…hang on a second.

‘There are all sorts of measures that we want to take to ensure that we do not discriminate against everybody and… er…I think you’ll find that the Prime Minister has been strong on that in her response particularly to the attack in Finsbury.’

Mair then eventually helped the Tory MP – and told him that the Queen’s Speech had promised a ‘race disparity audit’ to be published later in the year.

The interview, which was branded the ‘worst interview by a politician ever’ by former Deputy PM John Prescott , also saw Johnson attempting to answer an earlier question before moving onto the next – but his request was flatly denied by Mair.

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 ‘It’s not a Two Ronnies sketch. You can’t just answer the question before last’, he affirmed.

And when it came to answering the question of what is the point of the Prime Minister, Johnson eventually replied: ‘The point of the Prime Minister is to lead the country, to give a …er… lead on these key issues …and to take this Queen’s Speech through.’

The tough grilling comes after then Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott faced fierce criticism during the election campaign for a series of tough interviews that seemingly saw her forgetting the key facts behind some of Labour’s key electoral pledges.