Hannah Quinlivan splurges for daughter's preschool

14 Dec – Hannah Quinlivan recently responded to rumours that she is sending daughter to an exclusive preschool, saying that it is just a plan for now.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at a beauty brand event recently, stated that she wants daughter Hathaway to have a normal life like other children, and that she is satisfied with the environment of the said preschool so far.

As to reports that the yearly tuition fee is RMB 180,000, she said, "As long as my daughter is protected and has a normal healthy environment to grow up in, it's worth it."

As of now, Hannah shared that she is currently helping her daughter learn English better in hopes to strengthen Hathaway's language skills.

"She is a very lively girl. She inherited that from her father," said the actress.

As to whether she and husband Jay Chou have plans for a third child, Hannah said, "We're not in a rush. I want to concentrate on taking care of my two kids while they're growing up."

(Photo Source: Hannah Quinlivan Facebook)