Hans Zhang doesn't regret days of doing idol dramas

6 Sep - Unlike most serious actors who wouldn't want to be known for their past works, Chinese actor Hans Zhang is not embarrassed that he started his career working in idol dramas.

As reported on Tencent, the actor, who was heavily praised for his role as a factory heir and army fanatic in the box office hit, "Wolf Warrior 2", stated that he will not deny the fact that he made his debut through the idol drama, "Meteor Shower" - an unauthorised adaptation of the hit Japanese franchise, "Hana Yori Dango".

"Every actor has their phase. I started with an idol drama, and have done a lot of television. But I think an actor is an actor. Even when I was still studying, I would play all the characters there is, be it a psycho or a beggar.

Hans acknowledged the fact that "Meteor Shower" was not a great drama, especially for a graduate of the Central Academy of Drama like him, but that it still enabled him to rise to the top.

"I do not regret it. It was the best gift at the time," he said, adding that people who criticised him didn't know his situation at the time.

"You make a lot of choices in life. I spoke to my agent a few days ago about how we missed a lot of great dramas. But it's the choice we made. I don't think it's wrong. With every mistake we made, we can better ourselves for the future," he added.