What Happens to James Bond Franchise Once Amazon Takes Over MGM?

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What will happen to the billion-dollar James Bond franchise now that the online giant Amazon has bought MGM and its 50% stake in the legendary spy series? One thing is clear: No matter what Amazon wants to do with the Bond franchise — more features, character spinoffs, TV series — something only happens when Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, the owners of Eon Productions, want it to happen. “Nothing majorly will change,” John Cork, an avid Bond fan and director of over 30 Bond documentaries, told TheWrap. “It’ll just be one more studio logo that will appear on James Bond movies.” Consider 007 history, said an insider who asked to remain anonymous, noting the “countless times” MGM and UA have been bought and sold and the many executives that have come and gone, thinking they would be the change with the Bond franchise. “This means nothing,” the insider said of the Amazon deal. “The only thing that stays is the Broccolis and the Wilsons and the franchise. When you work on the franchise, you serve at the pleasure of the producers — it doesn’t matter if you are Bond or a studio executive — it’s always going to be the...

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