'Hard Knocks' to have in-season shows that will feature Colts

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NFL teams generally don't want "Hard Knocks" around. The past few years, they have been practically forced into it. 

The main reason is coaches think the HBO show is a distraction. Whether it is or not, that's how they think. And that's just for the preseason and training camp. 

A "Hard Knocks" show during the regular season? The Indianapolis Colts are pretty brave. 

At halftime of the Washington-Giants game on Thursday night, it was announced that the Colts would be featured during a special in-season edition of HBO's "Hard Knocks," starting Nov. 17. 

The Indianapolis Colts will be on an in-season version of
The Indianapolis Colts will be on an in-season version of "Hard Knocks." (AP Photo/Zach Bolinger)

The concept isn't new. Amazon has produced "All or Nothing," which follows a team during the season like "Hard Knocks" and the episodes are released in the offseason. There were five seasons of "All or Nothing" that followed NFL teams. The Colts' shows will be the first in-season docu-series under the "Hard Knocks" brand, and the first to air during the season. 

Maybe it will help boost the "Hard Knocks" franchise, which didn't have a ton of interest this year despite featuring the ever-popular Dallas Cowboys. Following a team during the regular season will be a lot different than training camp. 

The Colts aren't afraid to let cameras in. Now HBO has one hope: The Colts have a good season and are still relevant in mid-November. 

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