Hardcore senior citizen drug addict unrepentant


TELUK INTAN: A 60-year-old man has been in and out of drug rehabilitation centres ever since he was a teenager is still bent on getting his fix.

In his latest brush with the law, the man dubbed Ah Chai was caught in an anti-drug operation here today.

Now he lives alone after his wife and children left him as he refused to quit the drug habit.

Ah Chai who managed to stay away from drugs for four years, went back to his drug habit last year on the excuse of relieving pain after he broke his leg in a road accident.

“I have been taking drugs since 17. Over the next few decades, rehabilitation centres became my second home. The last time I was caught was four years ago, I want to kick the habit,” he said when met at the Hilir Perak National Anti Drug Agency (AADK) office after being arrested today in the two-day integrated operations which ended this evening.

AADK Hilir Perak chief officer Najmiah Hanafi said he was among 34 drug addicts rounded up by Hilir AADK in Teluk Intan and Bagan Datuk. -- Bernama