Haris-Mukhriz showdown: Permit application submitted


JITRA: Haris Che Mat, the former special officer to Datuk Seri Mukhir Mahathir today submitted a permit application to hold a debate with his former boss in Jerlun this Saturday.

The Pokok Sena Umno division vice-chief said he is proposing the one-hour debate to be held at 3pm in Sentosa Inn, Padang Sera.

“I have also state April 15 as the optional date as I understand that police need some time to process the application,” he told reporters after submitting the permit application at the Kubang Pasu district police headquarters here today.

Haris said he estimated some 300 people would attend the debate, which will be held in a hall.

He also stressed that the debate has no connection with Umno but this is done on his own personal capacity to reveal truth behind the wealth amassed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s children.

“I have stated inside the application the title of the debate. I understand the decision to approve the permit application for the debate lies with the police, so I will abide by their decision,” he said.

On his health, Haris said he was discharged from a private hospital in Alor Setar on March 31, after undergoing an operation to remove kidney stones.

He said that he is fit to proceed with the debate.

Haris had earlier challenged Mukhriz for an open debate to explain allegations of the former Kedah Menteri Besar amassing billions of ringgit in a short amount of time.

Mukhriz had subsequently accepted the challenge unconditionally and pledged to donate RM500 million each to the Jerlun and Pokok Sena constituencies should Haris be able to provide proof for the allegations.