Harlem Shake takes over Scotties Tournament Of Hearts (VIDEO)

I suppose if the 2013 Scotties Tournament of Hearts were actually the "Late 2012" Scotties Tournament of Hearts then Psy's Gangnam Style might have been the chosen ritual.

However, the Korean rapper's massive hit from last year has jumped the shark (judging by the general reaction to his Super Bowl pistachio ad) and the next thing - the now thing - is The Harlem Shake.

Everybody's doing it (even Daily Show host Jon Stewart got into the action the other night) and that includes all the participants at the 2013 Scotties, who joined the wave just hours before the first stones were to be tossed in anger. It starts innocently enough, with The Scotties mascot doing a little bump and grind, then a few seconds into the video, a quick edit shows dozens of would-be champions blowing off some steam. Heck, even the guy with the vacuum cleaner is busting moves.

There is no stopping Harlem Shake.

Just call it The Scotties Tournament of Hops. Can't wait to see Vic Rauter, Russ Howard and Linda Moore do their version.