I Hate Conflict, but I Fight for My Child With a Disability

Michelle Tetschner
Michelle hugging her son.

I do not like conflict. Some people who know me will laugh at that. But I truly do not like to argue.

IEPs stress me out. IEPs keep me up at night. But know this — I will fight for my child’s rights. I will fight hard! And if that means conflict, bring it on.

I have educated myself to know what my son’s rights are, and have been to seminars and conventions around the country. I know inclusion works best, and I will fight for it!

My child needs to be around neurotypical students, and they need to be around my child as well. We all live in one world.

I know my child has a right to attend our home school, be in a general education classroom, and should move from there for services. I will fight for my child.

I will argue at the IEP table. I am my child’s voice, and though it’s hard, and though I don’t like conflict, I will do what it takes for my child.

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